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  • Testing i18n in Ruby on Rails

    Verifying that all user-facing copy in your Rails application is localized can be a challenge. While manual validation may work for smaller sites, for larger, more complex applications it can be practically a fool’s errand. If your situation happens to sound more like the latter, don’t lose hope! In this post I am going to cover a few of the methods to easily and automatically test your Rails app for missing translations.

  • Thirty-Nine Days of Code

    Early last May I was inspired by John Resig’s post Write Code Every Day and decided to give it a go myself. I made a commitment to myself to program outside of work for a minimum of thirty minutes each day and have it committed by midnight. I surpassed this initial goal and made it to thirty nine days in spite of a brief bout in San Francisco. Now I’m not going to pretend that this endeavour had some profound effect on me, but it did oblige me to write this post.