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  • Web Accessibility Testing for Everyone

    Accessibility is a topic that many developers seldom have to think about. Sure most of us are aware that having an accessible website is a good thing to have, but when it comes time to code it is often not in the forefront of our minds. We're generally more focused on adding new features or tweaking visual designs. But just how valuable can these improvements truly be if a percentage of our users cannot even interact with them?

  • Testing i18n in Ruby on Rails

    Verifying that all user-facing copy in your Rails application is localized can be a challenge. While manual validation may work for smaller sites, for larger, more complex applications it can be practically a fool’s errand. If your situation happens to sound more like the latter, don’t lose hope! In this post I am going to cover a few of the methods to easily and automatically test your Rails app for missing translations.

  • Thirty-Nine Days of Code

    Early last May I was inspired by John Resig’s post Write Code Every Day and decided to give it a go myself. I made a commitment to myself to program outside of work for a minimum of thirty minutes each day and have it committed by midnight. I surpassed this initial goal and made it to thirty nine days in spite of a brief bout in San Francisco. Now I’m not going to pretend that this endeavour had some profound effect on me, but it did oblige me to write this post.