How I'm Learning Machine Learning

A Machine Learning Study Log (Slog? 😂)

Why Am I Writing This?

My learning goal for this Summer and Fall is to gain some exposure to Machine Learning. Therefore I’ve enrolled in CS 7646 Machine Learning for Trading for this upcoming Summer semester and Charles Isbell’s CS 7641 Machine Learning for the Fall semester.

Keeping a study log of techniques, resources, and general course notes ended up working well for me in the operating systems course I took (see: CS 6200 GIOS study log), so I will continue this practice for these two courses in here. As in my previous study log, this post will grow and evolve over time.

Machine Learning as a whole is entirely foreign to me so this should be fun.

Preparation Work

To prepare, I’m currently enrolled in the Coursera Mathematics for Machine Learning “specialization” to shore up on some of the underlying math. I’m not entirely sure if this is necessary for succeeding in CS 7646 and 7641, but it can’t hurt.

More to come…